A+ in maths

Effective Tips to Study Maths

Effective Tips to Study Maths Maths is often one of those subjects that students either love or hate. Maths builds on top of previous skills and is all about how you use the 4 basic operations (➕➖✖️➗). Because Maths is all about skills development, here are some effective tips to study maths: Put in the […]

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What is arithmetic?

What is Arithmetic?

What is Arithmetic? The word “Arithmetic” originated from Greek arithmētikē (tekhnē) which means ‘(art) of counting’, and from ‘arithmos’ which means ‘number’. The other branches of mathematics are Algebra, Geometry and Analysis. Arithmetic is therefore the “branch of mathematics that deals with the study of numbers using various operations on them. Basic operations of math are […]

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child learning to write cursive

Spelling tests: how to practice

Spelling Tests: How to Practice Spelling Tests…children either love them or hate them. Children generally love them because it is an expression of their learning and knowledge. Children tend to hate them because if they don’t know the answer or how to figure it out, they become scared of it. However, there are plenty of […]

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Let's define numeracy

Let’s Define Numeracy

Let’s Define Numeracy Numeracy is defined as: “the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need in order to use mathematics in a wide range of situations. It involves recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and having the dispositions and capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully.” Education and Training, […]

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Girl holding a bunch of balloons

Top 8 tips to Boost your Child’s Self-Esteem

Top 8 tips to Boost your Child’s Self-Esteem “Self-esteem impacts your decision-making process, your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being. It also influences motivation, as people with a healthy, positive view of themselves understand their potential and may feel inspired to take on new challenges.” (verywellmind.com)   Children that lack self-esteem, tend to […]

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