Tash Percy at Eye Level Randwick Learning centre

Which tutoring programme is right for my child? 

How is my child really doing in school? 

As a parent, these are the two most critical questions at the forefront of their mind. Often a parent wants to know more about how their child has progressed from the last meeting. If they have improved or not. Most comments about a child’s performance do not include specific detail, and that’s where the improvement lies. 

Ultimately a parent wants to know that their child is happy, doing well in school and developing. But sometimes trying to acquire more detail is difficult.

Some of the best places to find out more about your child’s abilities would be to attend an assessment at a Tuition Centre. 

Herein lies the biggest issue, which tutoring programme is best for my child? 

Most tutoring programmes have their own assessment tools and will provide enough information on a student’s strengths and weaknesses in Maths and English. A parent’s immediate goal would be simply for their child to be able to cope with their current school work.

The problem with quick-fix solutions is that a student will always be playing catch-up and will not become confident and proficient at their school work. 

For a child to be proficient in Maths and English, requires training and practice in key numeracy and literacy skills. This means they are able to understand the concepts and build on them.

Long-term programmes where foundational skills are developed first to enable students to study topics beyond their current school level have a much better outcome. 

So, how do you go about choosing the right programme for your child? You need to find the answers to the following questions: 

  1. Is the learning organisation’s programme reputable with a successful history? 
  2. What practical or instructional experience and qualifications do the Educators have?
  3. Do they develop critical thinking and writing skills?
  4. Do they have a structured programme with a beginning and ending point? 
  5. Are they able to set goals and clearly communicate the process? And communicate your child’s progress in detail?
  6. Is the programme classroom or one-on-one based (Instructor to student ratio)?
  7. What is the learning environment like?
  8. Check the Google Reviews – are other families happy?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you to confirm your goals for your child’s development also. 


Eye Level is one of the leaders in supplementary education. We offer Maths and English tuition to children in Pre-K up to Yr 10. We aim to develop problem solvers with self-directed learning. To find out more about how Eye Level can support your child throughout their school journey, contact Tash Percy from the Eye Level Randwick Learning Centre. 


0421 703 653 


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