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Effective Tips to Study Maths

Maths is often one of those subjects that students either love or hate. Maths builds on top of previous skills and is all about how you use the 4 basic operations (➕➖✖️➗). Because Maths is all about skills development, here are some effective tips to study maths:

Put in the time and practice

It’s ideal to start practicing right from day 1, so you will be prepared for the exam. Maths is a hands on subject, you can’t just ‘learn’ chapters, you have to understand concepts.

Begin by solving the example

Solving difficult numbers will give you wrong answers & leave you in despair. Instead, start simple. Complete the examples in your textbook. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to the difficult ones.

Get rid of your doubt and ask your teacher

It’s easy to get caught up in doubts in Math. The sooner your doubts are resolved, the sooner you will get better at math. Ask your class teacher, friends or online in the app.

Write down all formulae

Some people prefer to stick diagrams or formulas on their desks or in their bedrooms. Make flashcards from all the formulas in your textbook & decorate your room with them.

Understand the derivation

You can’t always learn a formula, you need to understand the logic behind it. If you rote learn, there are chances you might forget it during the exam. But if your concepts are clear, it will always be easy to remember.

Don’t forget the basics

Most chapters in Mathematics build on previous chapters. If your foundation isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be, keep going back & practicing adding up from previous years.

Here is an additional Maths Study Skills Guide from NOVA Southeastern University, for effective tips to study maths.


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