Advance your child’s ability to mentally calculate, critically think and problem solve through our Maths Programme. The curriculum features two sets of booklets that link to each other, so your child can efficiently practice their maths and apply it into realistic problems straight away. 

Basic Thinking MathsCritical Thinking Maths
NumbersPatterns and Relationships
Arithmetic with the 4 operationsProblem Solving
Equations and AlgebraProbabilities
GeometrySpatial Awareness
English Tutors

Advance your child’s abilities in reading, writing, creative writing, comprehension, phonics and grammar with our English programme. We use a curriculum (developed in conjunction with Cambridge University Press) that features dedicated workbooks for both reading and writing.

Alphabet and phonics4 different styles: Informational, Narrative, Research and Opinion
Vocabulary developmentFocus on structure
Grammar and punctuationBuilding good communication skills
Reading Comprehension strategiesResearch Skills

You Want The Absolute Best For Your Child

You not only want your child to be confident in their school work, you want them to be PROFICIENT.

For them to be skilled enough to take on any problem thrown at them. 

Therefore, the right tutoring programme for your child is one that considers the hurdles they are dealing with and are likely to face. One that sees the road up ahead of them. One that sees it all from their Eye Level. 

That’s why Eye Level aims to develop your child’s confidence, love of learning and mastery in Maths and English by building a solid foundation to help them fly through more difficult topics. 

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We're goal-oriented. We're flexible. We're here to support you.

Eye Level. We're Different.

When a child enrols with Eye Level, something changes…

 Children want to attend classes and complete their homework – they are enjoying the process of learning

 When a child enjoys the learning process, they do better in school. Improvement in grades, moving up classes etc

 Children develop more confidence and self-motivation – parents notice their child trying new things or taking on new challenges – without them asking to. 

At Eye Level, we aim for your child to be a problem-solver and self-directed learner. Skills that are applicable in all aspects of life, not just academically. 

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Throughout the years, Eye Level has nurtured millions of students worldwide.
map of areas serviced by Eye Level Learning
Eye Level is now available in 20 countries and regions around the world and the number continues to grow.
40 years of experience in English and Math tutoring
Since the establishment in 1976, Daekyo has gradually grown into the nation’s best educational and cultural service enterprise, emerging as a frontrunner in the field of education.

Our promise is that your child will receive dedicated, consistent tutoring.

We will always be firmly in the camp that believes nothing can replace a real relationship and human face-to-face interaction.

That’s why all our programmes include one-to-one coaching component when your child attends classes up to twice a week.

Our tutors are selected for their ability to guide learners to think and solve problems for themselves, as opposed to simply giving them the answers.

This approach helps our students develop the critical-thinking skills that will not only empower them to reach their full potential at school, but are highly sought after by universities and employers.

This Is Why Parents Choose Eye Level Over and Over Again

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