Eye Level Learning is a leading global supplementary education provider that’s currently available in 20 countries. Our self-directed approach helps students to improve their Math, English and critical-thinking skills. We offer various programmes for different ages and skill levels, so there’s something for every student. More than two million children around the world have benefited from our programs.
Eye-level learning is suitable for Pre-K, primary and secondary school students (up to year 10).

Most students learn the best at their own pace. Self-directed learning improves their academic performance and overall confidence, while also encouraging critical and independent thinking. Our blended approach combines the best of traditional classroom learning with the flexibility of online technology. We take the time to understand the educational needs of each student, to deliver a personalised approach.

Benefits include:

  • Improve fundamental Math skills (algebra, numbers, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability).
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Enhance English literacy, reading and comprehension skills.
  • Better communication and time management skills
  • Higher confidence
  • Math: basic foundation and critical thinking
  • English: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, grammar and writing
No, our learning model recognises the need for instructors and parents to guide students. In an Eye Level classroom, the instructors will explain the concepts and provide necessary guidance and feedback. This enhances each student’s understanding, so they may then complete the remainder of the weekly assignment independently at home. We’re helping students to learn proactively with good time management.
Yes, all staff are fully vaccinated and the classrooms are regularly sanitised and cleaned.

Our approach combines offline and online learning strategies.

Students physically attend our classrooms twice a week, on a designated day at a designated Enter this: for 30-40 minutes whereby they will see an Instructor who can guide them through the concepts they are learning that day.

Offline Learning:

  • Learn new concepts on paper.
  • Solve problems with guidance.
  • Supplementary materials build problem-solving skills.
  • Regular assessments to test progress.

Online Learning:

  • Practice new concepts with additional problems.
  • Receive instant feedback via our automated scoring system.
  • Play fun, interactive games.
  • Parents keep track of progress and reports.
It’s important that students attend classes at the Learning Centre, where they will be free of distractions. This is the best way to help students develop self-directed learning habits.
Each class is only 30-40 minutes long, whereby they will see an Instructor who can guide them through the concepts they are learning that day. This is the “just right” amount of time for students to concentrate and progress through the materials.
Yes absolutely! It is a requirement.
All Instructors have at least a Bachelors degree in a variety of disciplines. We believe in instructors from a variety of backgrounds as they can provide the best guidance and advice.
Our Australian learning centres are located in Cabramatta, Liverpool and Randwick, NSW. Find more information here.
Yes, a diagnostic test provides insight into each student’s learning needs “each student’s needs and abilities” they start with Eye Level Learning. This helps us to determine the most suitable part of the program to start on, so we’re able to provide the best level of support.

You can book a free consultation by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page. Simply fill in your details and select the Learning Centre closest to your location.

The centre manager will contact you to provide more information and arrange a free diagnostic test for your child. After the test, the centre manager will speak with you about your child’s abilities and needs before explaining how to make a payment and access the learning materials (if you wish to proceed with tutoring).

You can set up a meeting and we can explore possible solutions, such as more one-on-one guidance or extra study support. We can also give your child an easier program to complete, until they make further progress.
Sure! Please phone 0439 358 588 to speak with a member from our team. We’re available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Alternatively, you can email australia@myeyelevel.com.


Nouci Xiong
Nouci Xiong
My son enrolled in the eye level maths programme in April this year. I was looking for a programme that can help my son improve his school performance in maths. After only 7 months, his confidence and grades improved a lot. I recommend Eye Level because the instructor is caring and has the student's benefit in mind. Thank you so much Roman for your helpful and your kindness.
Michelle Long
Michelle Long
My 9yr old daughter has only been in this program for over 6 months, and her progress and improvement with her Maths have been very significant. I have seen her problem solving skills in both basic and critical thinking elements have really developed and in turn she has become a more confident student. The consistency in every stage and levels of the lessons have really helped in establishing her routine. The personal approach from Ramon, his clear instructions and constructive feedback have all been very instrumental in our choice to keep going with her tutorials with Eye Level.
Sally Tuffs
Sally Tuffs
Tash and Ramon are completely dedicated to our kids. We wanted to find somewhere that the kids were happy to attend, and was convenient (older boy can catch the bus to centre). Our main goals for accessing tutoring included to increase their confidence, and help them to work independently to break down problems. Eye-level does both! Tash is intuitive and shows a real capacity to look at the students as a whole - she’s considers what motivates them, and will discuss any changes or concerns she noticed with parents. The books are quick to get through, and although they are another daily task, they don’t take long. The service has adapted well through lockdown - my kids enjoy the zooms - they are not too long, and Tash has a good connection with the kids. I can hear them laughing together and sharing information about their lives (pets etc). My kids are always happy to go into the class on line. Overall I would say Eye-level and the staff in Randwick have helped to increase my kids confidence in Math/English and have been a welcome routine while we get through home schooling. Thank team!
Karen Howard
Karen Howard
Eye level was a very worthwhile experience for my son. The one on one guidance and support he received allowed him to work at his level and pace whilst still making progress and gaining confidence across the different topics. The regular correcting of their work means he was accountable and was always getting feedback. Ramon and Tash were very easy to work with and I will be happy for my other children to also attend Eye level in the future.
Have had 2 kids attending for over 15 months. Both have different needs and confidence; eye level has been great in helping both achieve outstanding progress with maths, beyond their years of schooling. Highly recommend to all; especially pre- High school preparation.
Jayson Simon
Jayson Simon
My son is almost 15 months in Eyelevel he learn a lot and he is doing very well at school and he is advance in his math and English
Kathleen Joy Ignacio
Kathleen Joy Ignacio
Our kids are having the best time here! It has boost their confidence level since they started, and now achieve great results in school. They learned to be disciplined in finishing the task on hand and now have developed a study habit. Ramon and the other teachers encourage the children to try their best. Highly recommended especially to those little ones that feel being left out academically. They won’t feel too much pressure that they would want to quit but instead they will ask for more because they are enjoying while learning!
Beau M
Beau M
My son has been attending Eye Level for 4 months now and his literacy, english and maths knowledge and abilities has improved greatly. He enjoys attending Eye Level and the teachers are very friendly, supportive and dedicated to helping children develop their knowledge and ability. 5/5 score from our family.
Ma Eloise Quicho
Ma Eloise Quicho
I highly recommend eyelevel to every parents for their kids. They teach very well Maths and English. My daughter started classes just last month and her progress is amazing. Mr Ramon and his team are highly professional. The price is also affordable.