We are one of the leading global supplementary education service providers aiming for our children to be critical thinkers with self-directed learning. With our global network of 20 countries, we provide Maths and English programmes based on self-directed learning instructions.

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Providing an individualised programme has consistently been the core value of “Eye Level” education to meet each child’s eye level.
Million Enrollments Worldwide
Throughout the years, Eye Level has nurtured millions of students worldwide.
Eye Level is now available in 20 countries and regions around the world and the number continues to grow.
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Since its establishment in 1976, Daekyo has gradually grown into one of the best educational and cultural service enterprises, emerging as a front runner in the field of education.

Started in Australia

Eye Level was founded in South Korea in 1976 and today has become a pre-eminent and globally recognised coaching programme. Eye Level aims to develop curiosity, imagination, persistence and passion in young individuals to become critical thinkers who will solve world problems and possess well developed communication skills Australia has an excellent education system that relies on over 9,000 schools but cannot cater entirely to every individual child’s learning needs. Our goal is to develop Australian children so they can compete with their international counterparts in this global community preparing them for the challenges of the future. With its global network of Learning Centres, Eye Level Learning Australia began in March 2021 to popularise the Eye Level philosophy of learning.

We value each and every child’s
potential in learning.

Our teaching philosophy started from understanding our children’s point of view, from what we call children’s “Eye level education”, to let them learn at their own learning pace.

Traditional academics assume that all classroom teaching is based on mass education, using the same teaching materials for same courses of studies. In these environments, it’s hard for children to be motivated once they fall behind or if they have different learning habits.

At Eye Level, we help children achieve a level of mastery to move on to the next stage of learning and let them learn at their own pace.

And that is what Eye Level stands for.


Establish self-directed learning habits.

Build strong academic foundations.

Increase motivation and the joy of learning.


At Eye Level, we provide systematic individualised learning. Before joining Eye Level, a child is given a diagnostic test that sets the starting point of the programme and the study roadmap.

Upon enrolment, your child will receive close attention and guidance in achieving mastery of each level with our small-step curriculum and 1:1 coaching. As a programme that is optimised for self-directed learning, Eye Level will allow your child to take initiative of his/her own study.

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The diagnostic test will provide precise insight into the student’s ability and learning needs. It is utilized to determine the best place to start the student in the Eye Level curriculum.
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Before each session begins, each child is assessed individually. Our instructors tailor our curriculum by understanding each child’s learning process and mastery of each level.
Self Directed
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Students develop independent learning skills in our Eye Level learning centers. Instructors will guide students as they move throughout their individualized programme.

Mastery of
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We determine the mastery of each lesson with study accuracy and study time consumption and with overall understanding of each lesson.


Coming in to the centre removes distracting factors and helps students build self-directed learning habits.

Our goal is to provide an optimised learning environment in which students develop a love of learning and a strong sense of responsibility. With 1 to 1 coaching and study guidance, students will know the strengths and weaknesses of their own study habits and try to bring positive results.

This Is Why Parents Choose Eye Level Over and Over Again


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