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G2/1 Foundry Road, Sunshine, VIC 3020​

Learning is a life-long process that extends beyond the classrooms. As children prepare themselves for the world ahead of them, it is crucial that they develop critical thinking, problem-solving and independent learning skills. We, as parents and educators, must provide them with a platform and tools to guide them through this journey.​

Dr Kate Tran – Centre Manager

Eye Level Sunshine Learning Centre - Dr Kate Tran

I started my career as a scientist, doing teaching, research and consultation. As my career progressed, my passion and enthusiasm for education grew as I realised how education, starting from as early as infancy, can shape up and influence the personality, health and life of a person. As a result, I have chosen education as my long-term profession for nearly 20 years. I am an Associate Professor in Higher Education with a PhD in Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Sunshine Tutoring

English and Maths Tutoring for Years K-10 Located in Sunshine VIC


Tuesdays 3.15pm - 7.00pm
Thursdays 3.15pm - 7.00pm


Eye Level Sunshine Learning Centre is located around the corner from the Sunshine Marketplace where you can access Woolworths, Big W and more stores.
This means you can also have easy access to secure, off-street parking.
You'll be able to drop your child off for their Eye Level Class wth Dr Kate Tran and do your shopping at the same time!

Eye Level Sunshine Learning Centre Team

Tim is a passionate professional educator who wants to promote the challenging changes in the new digitised learning, coaching and tutoring environment. He values the importance of individualising lesson plans to educate and engage all students and those with special needs. As well as the power of strategies such as a well-thought-out seating plan and friendly competitiveness in learners.

With his stunning experience, he always tries his best to develop a connection with students by giving them continuous, determined support.

The results have truly paid off through the constant improvement of his students in their skills and grades.


Maths tutoring


A unique Maths tutoring curriculum. Our programme prepares our students to tackle all branches of mathematics by grouping them in two key areas:



English tutoring


Our English tutoring programme aims to create fluent readers and confident writers. We do this through two key areas:



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Highly recomended Eye Learning. My daughter learned so much of activities through the booklet each day, each week.

Educators friendly and be patient with students. Definitely love these program. Will try English class for her one day     – T. Tram

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