Eye Level English Programme

Eye Level English Programme – The Path to Success

Do you want your children to be on a quick path to success? We recommend considering joining the Eye Level English Programme.

Our English Programme is a unique ‘Comprehensive Literacy based Programme’. Encouraging children to develop effective communication skills and build a strong foundation of content knowledge. Eye Level is successful in investing in your children the best form of currency- Literacy.

You may want to consider the Eye Level English Programme for your kids for the simplest reasons such as-



  1. Eye Level English offers a systematically designed curriculum

Our programme has something for each child of the age group 5-14 years. With levels ranging from Basic, Primary, Intermediate High School to Advanced. It starts with Phonemic awareness and familiarising the students with pre-literacy skills. Gradually reaching the zenith of its training with fluency, in-depth comprehension strategies and creative writing.


  1. Eye Level English meets various International Academic requirements

With the comprehensive knowledge base that the  Eye Level English Programme offers, the students are encouraged to practice questions and activities of  competitive nature (such as Rhetorical and Inference based questions) and hence, the students are able to meet the academic challenges set by various International papers (U.K standards) such as TOEFL, IELTS, and YLE (Cambridge English).


  1. The English Programme builds content knowledge through extensive reading

The English Programme encourages students to be effective communicators of thoughts and ideas and motivates them to be voracious readers. This is done through an extensive exposure to reading materials which are fun and easy to read, and exposure to a world full of wisdom. Magazines, Informational, Opinion and narrative texts are examples of a few texts with specialisation in subjects ranging from Social sciences to business and scientific study.

Eye Level English blended knowledge

4. Blended Knowledge is the best kind!

Our English Programme has also embraced change in its way of teaching by matching the shift towards technology. Our Programme offers a uniquely creative blended learning pattern. Students are given maximum exposure to content through online and offline sources of study. Your child gets the best of both worlds when it comes to learning at Eye Level! As a result of various reading booklets and teaching aids in the offline method and reinforcement in the online method of learning,

With emphasis on learning flow and step by step learning by highly qualified and trained professionals,  your child is sure to enjoy learning and attaining a great command on the English language.

For more information, contact your nearest Eye Level Centre today!

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