Interview with an Educator: Randwick

Next in our “Interview with an Educator” series, is Tash Percy from Eye Level Randwick Learning Centre. Tash has had a varied career so far, but believes that means she can methodically and supportively develop children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

Question: Tell us a little about yourself

I have studied a Bachelor of Medical Science and worked in Pathology as a Scientist  for 5 years. I then worked as a Franchise Business Consultant for a global tuition company which gave me a good understanding of business operations and how to develop a good foundation in for children.

With my Science background I have an analytical and methodical mindset that allows me to understand how a child learns and how to support their development. I have worked with children before and I enjoy witnessing the “light bulb” moment the most or when they have achieved something, so why not be the person that supports them to do that?

Maths and English is the foundation of many subjects at school but they can open a child’s eyes to many possibilities such as Engineering, Architecture, Creative Writing, Research, Debating. To support a child through that journey is a privilege.

Question: Why did you start this business? What are your goals.

I started an Eye Level Centre in Randwick because there are a lot of children in this area and whilst there are many schools, there is a need within the community for supplemental education. An Eye Level centre has allowed me to reach more children and families in the community to get into better schools or try out new things that they may not have had the confidence for previously.

Question: Why did you choose the Eye Level programme?

I chose Eye Level because of the curriculum design. In Maths there is calculation nd then the application with critical thinking and word problems, which is unique.  The critical thinking component is about learning which tools/equations can solve which problem, so when they are faced with a mathematical problem they can figure out how to solve it. This bodes well for children later in life. The English programme is very well researched as it brings a multi-faceted approach to the community. Children learn spelling, vocabulary, grammar and different writing styles. By tackling each of these facets students gain a deeper understanding of how to structure a sentence, paragraph and ultimately a report or essay. Our Writing programme is detailed and supports students through a plan to draft to final draft process.

I also believe that the small step approach to children’s learning in the programme means they can utilise these skills to work it out on their own, creating greater connections of understanding with the material.

Question: What is your educational philosophy?

I believe that any child is capable of achieving the goals they set. The key is support. All it takes is some teamwork between the student, parents and myself, a plan to get them there and consistency.

Question: How does the Eye Level programme compare to other tutoring programmes out there?

When a student arrives for a class at Randwick they will have a few minutes with an Instructor to ensure they are confident with that day’s learning material. They then have the opportunity to try on their own for 30+ minutes before correcting any mistakes. Mistakes are always an opportunity to learn. We will then assess if they will be able to do their homework on their own or if we need to give them some extra tips before trying it on their own for the next few days. I believe this book-ended, one-on-one interaction means a child feels supported whilst also taking ownership of their learning. I don’t know of another programme that does that.

Question: What is the most important thing new parents to Eye Level need to know about?

Eye Level is a programme that aims to develop the foundations of knowledge in Maths and English by first understanding how the child learns. As the foundations develop so does the child’s confidence and willingness to try new and harder things. We can develop a child further and faster by first taking some time to get the basics right and then they can sky-rocket to harder material with our small step approach.

Our programme is tailored for each child’s ability and we work closely with parents to keep up the motivation and progress. We do this by agreeing on goals together, when we will reach them and how we will do it. Breaking everything down for our students into manageable chunks means they can see they big picture more clearly.

Ultimately we are flexible, communicate regularly and stick to the goal, keeping your child on track to confidence in the classroom.

To find out how Tash can help your child, go here. 



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