Girl thinking about a problem solving strategy

Why Does My Child Need Problem Solving Strategies?

Eye Level Maths Olympiad
A maths problem from the Eye Level Maths Olympiad.

The problem shown above is an actual case in which a student solves the problem by drawing every single figure. This is likely to happen when the student is not aware of problem solving strategies. 

There are many ways to solve maths problems. However, if students solve maths problems in the way shown above, it will take a lot of time and have a high probability to be wrong. 

When students study maths, it is important that they develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities to increase their overall logical analysis and creative thinking. Being able to see patterns, understand diagrams and deduce information is an important skill for later in life.

Learning arithmetic, fractions, algebra, trigonometry etc is useful, but more useful if you know how to apply it to real life situations. That is why practicing maths word problems and critical thinking questions are vital. That is how Engineers, Scientists, Architects, Carpenters and many, many more professionals do their work.

The 8 problem-solving strategies in the Maths Critical Thinking Programme help students solve problems in easy and effective ways. 

Let’s try to solve a similar maths problem: